Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mad Style or Bad Style. Cat as a hat

Picture from JAK & JIL

Dora Abodi

Givenchy. Fall/Winter collection 2011-2012 by Ricardo Tisci
At the moment I wish I was a cat cuddling up in a nice warm place with nothing to worry about. Since the chances of me turning in to a cat are quite small it's probably better to just to get a cat hat and hope that will make things better.

My favourite is the one I don't know where it's from
So what do you think about the cat as a hat?
Mad Style or Bad Style?


  1. I want a cat hat tooo....but my owl is ok!

  2. Hat from 2009-10 F/W
    Abodi Dora's older collection

  3. Thanks Borneo, I couldn't find what collection it was.