Friday, May 11, 2012

On the street in stripes

Fanni Mender at Liszt Ferenc Tér
Cool people eat ice cream not to get too hot.
 Stripes and ice cream, can never go wrong. Except when you try a new flavour and it turns out it's not what you expected. That is very disappointing. I didn't ask what kind of ice cream Fanni was eating but she looked happy with it.

I like people watching and plan to post more interesting, fascinating or simply stylish people I see on the streets.


  1. I was happy with them :) Tiramisu and raspberry from the cheapest confectionery nearby.
    Have to add that me, I like people walk with the eyes open! Cool blog!! Nice to meet it and you :)

  2. Nice choice of ice cream! Was good to meet you and thanks for letting me take a picture :)