Sunday, June 3, 2012

Caught up in the cables

On Friday I went to Flatlab's event The Newborns. Flatlab is a flat studio at Baross utca. It started with six designers and now two more have moved in.

These cables from Tilka which you can buy in the showroom was what got my attention for some reason.  The truth is I was very tired and the colours gave me a kick. I got caught up in the cables, so to say. I like them though. Choose them in your favourite colour and you will want more and more electric stuff just to get more nice cables. Hmm, already thinking of what to get.
I recommend you to go and visit Flatlab. If you're not wild about cables you can check out clothes, hats and graphic design, I will definitely make my way back soon to see all that in a more awake state.

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