Monday, November 19, 2012

Mad Style or Bad Style. Belly Cellulite.

If you're boyfriend is pregnant, or if you are a pregnant man yourself,  I have found the right place for you to shop. In these days when people are so fixated with their weights and looks it's refreshing to see different shapes in the shop windows.

But, adding the cellulite is a complete overkill. Just because you have a bit of a stomach, can't it be displayed with dignity? I mean just because it's big it doesn't have to be ugly. Also just because I have a little fat on my ass doesn't mean I have cellulite all over it (okay, maybe I do have some, but you don't have to know that).
So now to the most important. 
What do you think about the mannequin with belly cellulite 

Is it 
Mad Style or Bad Style?

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