Monday, September 5, 2011

International Friday

Last Friday I had Vietnamese food at the Chinese market in Budapest. Didn't have time to look around this time so couldn't buy any fun stuff except one thing from the food market I thought was some kind of a muffin but is probably a meat pie with old egg yolk and ham or who knows what. Not what I wanted but it looks nice and is still unopened mostly because I'm afraid to see what's inside. Unfortunately it expires 2011.09.08...

After all the Asian I went to watch football with Karin. Hungary-Sweden. Who to support??? Sitting there it turned out I was supporting Sweden. It's not like I put on the blue top and Swedish flags because I already knew. Looking back it's sort of nice that Hungary won as for me it shouldn't really matter anyway. Note that my nice vintage scarf has red and green in it.

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