Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mad Style or Bad Style Communist vintage dress

Don't you just love those old communist dresses? I do. It's amazing you can still find them well at least you can in Budapest probably because most Hungarians don't find them amazing. This specific one is from one of the crappiest shops around, the worst looking shops have the best stuff. You just have to really be patient and you will find some gems.
Haven't had a Mad Style or Bad Style for a while so what do you think.
Remember Mad is good and bad is just bad.
Mad Style or Bad Style?


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  2. this is such a cool photo and dress. next time i am in budapest i will look out for communist dresses. thanks mad!

  3. Find me as well when you come so we can hang out!

  4. Hey, so you live in Budapest? I'm an amateur photographer, mainly, I am interested in street and portrait photography, I'd be happy to shoot you sometimes. (I've found you on lookbook)
    here, you can see some work of mine:
    if you're interested, drop me an e-mail ( or find me on facebook (bianka pencz)
    Have a nice weekend:)